A relatively new field of science, psychoneuroimmunology (P.N.I.), explains why many of the complementary therapies, particularly those that are energy-based and rooted in Eastern medical traditions, are effective. Psychoneuroimmunology sounds rather complicated, but is simply a mind-body discipline that firmly establishes the link between our psychological state and our physical health. Attitudes, emotions and consciousness impact physical health by triggering the release of hormones, neurological agents, and immune-enhancing or suppressing substances. This can either be beneficial or detrimental depending on your emotional state. Complementary therapies address this by focusing on mind/body imbalance. That is why, over the past two decades, complementary therapies have experienced a phenomenal growth, as people seek healthcare options with a more holistic perspective. Many complementary therapies including those practised by Gill, have proven themselves to be both safe and effective.


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“I have been using Gill for various therapies on and off for several years, whenever I’ve needed help. She works with great integrity and I always recommend her to others who are considering complementary therapies”

A.H.S. 20th February 2012